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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 31, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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washington. after 10 months of violence in syria, can western leaders convince russia to sign onto a peace plan? >> it is one hope, the only hope of ending the violence in which dozens of people are dying every day as we speak. >> fighting in and out in florida, mitt romney and newt gingrich pulled out all of the stops in the hopes of winning the biggest republican prize yet. their goal was to row into the record books. instead, they fell 500 miles short of their goal. we have their harrowing tale. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. right now, at the united nations, western allies have
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brought in some of their heaviest hitters to demand action be taken against syria. after 10 months of a deadly crackdown, more than 5400 people have been killed. now, the assad regime is coming under pressure. will the security council be able to overcome russia's resistance to sign the draft? joining us is our u.n. correspondent. what is the latest? >> this session has opened and two senior arab league officials have spoken. one was the prime minister of qatar and one was the secretary general of the arab league. the minister was quite harsh. he laid out that the process that they had been engaged with the syrian government. also how the process had come to the point where they were coming to the leak and asking for help. he said, the syrian government did not make a sincere effort to
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cooperate and he went into some details. he said that the bloodshed continues and the killing machine is still at work. the secretary general was not quite so harsh. he went through a similar process two quite interesting things. he said that the arab league was trying to keep this whole problem with an arab context. they were trying to formulate an arab solution without bringing in the international community. he touched on a very controversial plan which calls on bashar al-assad at too delicate power to his deputy to oversee the transition. -- to delegate power to his deputy to oversee the transition. bashar al-assad said he would empower his deputy to carry out reforms in an earlier conversation.
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that particular official said that we were not asking bashar al-assad to announce power. this is not regime change. >> is this revolution -- resolution likely to be amended or made to appeal more to russia? >> i think that the resolution will be amended as much as western nations feel it can be to meet russia's concerns. it does it indorse the arab league plan. this business about bashar al- assad handing his power over to a deputy was a sticking point for the russians because they said it was regime change. if these officials say we're not talking about regime change, we are not talking about bashar al- assad renouncing power. we're talking about him giving power to his deputies to carry out reforms. maybe that will make russia less suspicious.
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maybe they can support the resolution. >> thank you very much for joining us. with me more on that action is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. russia is almost certain to veto this resolution. after 10 months and after five and a half thousand people dead, where does this leave the u.n.? >> where does that leave the whole process. what it does is give mr. bashar hope that he can out wait the international community. as long as russia holds out, it gives him the feeling that he has some breathing room and he will not be under kind of the concerted pressure that the arabs plan deserves. >> is the u.n. legitimacy at
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stake here? >> i don't think that it is the u.n. that is at stake. i think it is the real shame of bashar al-assad that is at stake. what the arab group an international community is trying to accomplish is a way to make a political transition to resolve this question with a minimal reference to the use of force. -- i think it is the regime of bashar al-assad at stake. i think what the foreign minister said, what he was implying, that was that it could be counterproductive. please leave it to the arabs to solve the problem. in order to do that, we want the entire international community to get behind us. >> even if the resolution is passed, will president assad actually care? >> it is the best chance. the pressure has been mounting.
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the economic sanctions, the disapproval of his fellow arab countries. now, if the greater powers align themselves also against the way he is behaving, perhaps the message will get through. i think your point is taken in the sense that he has been hanging on stubbornly and at the moment, at least, what it looks like is that he is preparing himself to continue this resistance and definitely. >> that is the question, isn't it? >> the tragedy will continue. the regrettable part about it is that the violence is likely to intensify and success or solutions might turn out to be a little bit more polarized than they would be if we could see some kind of satisfactory negotiated outcome in the short term. >> everyone seems to say that military action is ruled out for the time being but can this
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actually be a result through diplomacy? after 10 months, nothing seems to be making any difference. >> he is losing the support of his people. the revolt against him has spread across the country. it is much more generalized than it was 10 months ago. i am not sure there will be an external intervention but as this continues there is a greater chance that he will be overthrown by his own people. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> reports from yemen say unmanned american planes have killed at least 13 al qaeda militants in a seven province. local leaders say one of the dead was wanted by the u.s. in connection with the attack on an american destroyer in 2000. the british finance here who was in charge of the bank rbs has been stripped of his knighthood. queen elizabeth removed the honor from fred goodwin.
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under his leadership, they needed a $60 billion bailout from the u.s. tax -- from the u.k. taxpayers. the search for those still aboard the coast the concorde has been called off. the conditions have become too risky. -- the search for those still aboard the costa concordia has been called off. to florida, where in just a few hours' time, we will know who the voters have picked to take on president obama in november. mitt romney and newt gingrich have been battling it out and the attacks had been quite fierce. from charges of dishonesty to personal attacks over business dealings, nothing is out of bounds. following it fallin all from miami. >> this is the home of the super rich.
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a jumble of opulence. behind the arc, the home of naomi campbell's boyfriend. this country has never had a problem with the rich. they are living the american dream. republicans in particular celebrate capitalism. but how mitt romney made his millions has become an issue. newt gingrich says it was like getting companies for profit. >> i am not proud of those who leverage the game, borrow the money, leave the dead behind, and walked off with the profits. -- leave the debt behind, and walked off with the profits. >> don't attack profits. this allows companies to grow. >> the american way is excepting there are winners and losers. "the foundation of this country is a free market system. --
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>> the foundation of this country is a free market system where you can earn as much as you can within the bounds. most people want to be mitt romney. >> life looks sweet in the sunshine state but the outlook is far from sunny for many with high unemployment and a dire housing market. the reality falls short of the dream. this is in evidence a few streets from the beach. this is a republican who was aghast at things getting wider. >> i am nobody. i am down here at the bottom. i'm struggling for my money. >> the house imarket is at the root of it all. florida grew as widely as his hesitation, then came the crash. -- florida grew as widely as its
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vegetation. >> this is devastating when one of the things, the asset that is most valuable to you, you have lost in the blink of an eye. very difficult to deal with, with yourself, with the children. >> there is anger aimed not at the rich but at least on fairness. this is what fuels occupy wall street and the tea party movement. whichever politician taps into the reservoir of resentment would have found a powerful source -- a powerful force. >> joining me for where this contest goes from here is paul adams. you have been out there and canvassing people. what do they make of this? how damaging could this
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protracted fight have? >> it depends on who you ask. the average caucus-ago or is pretty dismayed by this. there is the spectacle of the candidate staring chunks out of each other. tea party supporters, those who cannot bring themselves to get behind mitt romney, they're looking for someone else. they are happy for this to go on and they hope that someone else will gain momentum. whoever emerges will be a tough candidate able to take on barack obama. that overwhelmingly is what this is about. for all of the energy that might be behind some of these candidates, the thing that i picked up the most is the sheer vehemence against president obama. >> there is also the argument that the longer debates continue, the better the candidates become and that does not seem to be the case with
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mitt romney, doesn't it? >> something must of been put in our tea. why was he unable to answer a simple question? he cannot afford to make those same mistakes. something about the dynamics of the debate. suddenly, he appeared to be comfortable talking about his wealth. after all of those clunky moments, all of those things that jarred. it seems that someone whispered in his ear and it seems to have work. >> these primaries are costing a fortune. we have the super pacs with money coming out of their ears. is this an indicator of how much will be spent in the actual election? >> republicans have found this an unseemly spectacle. the last british election from
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start to finish, came to about $130 million. newt gingrich and mitt romney and their supporters in florida alone have spent something in the region of $20 million. this is a staggering comparison. i don't think that people are necessarily aware of the u.s. just -- aware outside of the u.s. about the ruling in citizens united. >> very briefly, what is the white house making all of this? >> in joining -- enjoying it, i suppose. >> thank you very much. conflict, famine, piracy are all associated with somalia. just last week, u.s. special forces rescued two aid workers captured in the country. how can somalia's problems get
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sorted? the british development secretary says that dealing with the root causes is the answer. our east africa correspondent traveled with him and filed this report. >> a roadblock, somali style. proceed if you dare. under the gaze of andrew mitchell, the police force shows off its skills. in this exercise, it is time up for an armed bandit. british aid is spent on police training, trying to establish law and order here. security -- insecurity has enabled piracy too flourished off the coast. they deny the accusation that they are acting decisively against these bands. >> there are 284 pirates, most
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of them are convicted now and awaiting trial. we have done everything under our capacity to fight this scourge. >> andrew mitchell is shown some of the evidence of that fight in a prison. the squalid, overcrowded home of some suspected pirates and some of those suspected of being militants. britain is increasing its efforts here. building a fish market to create jobs. tackling the unemployment and poverty is the hope that people will not be drawn to piracy and extremism. the british government is about to host a somali conference in london, calling for an international response to halt somalia's dangerous decline. this is an attempt to bring all of the parties together now is
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the time to get everyone together to try to make some progress. >> on a wednesday at -- on a windswept plain, we look at a bunker before it was blown up. this is all about dealing with the legacy of two decades of conflict to prevent this from lurching from one crisis to another. then is to be an investment and a political solution. >> press these both together. >> that was a day spent and one of the most stable regions in somalia. >> you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come -- the two sides of sao paulo. the super rich are riding high. not everyone is invited to the party.
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now comments that prince harry has made about the relationship between his grandmother and the duke of edinburgh. >> when the queen came to the throne, it was the duke of edinburgh who pledged his allegiance after her coronation. since then, they have more or less been inseparable and the queen spoke publicly about how important the duke is to her. >> he is someone who does not take easily the compliments but he has been my strength all these years. >> prince harry quoted in a article said "regardless of whether my grandfather seems to be doing his own thing, the fact that he is there, personally, i don't think that she could do it without him."
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he was speaking before the duke of edinburgh's health scare. >> i think what prince harry was really saying was that we should be enormously appreciative of the fact that they do much at that age. he is impressed by how much they do. >> the prince paid tribute to the queen's devotion to duty saying "these are the things that at her age she should not be doing and yet she is carrying on and doing them." his brother said, "i don't think she cares for celebrity. she minds about having privacy in general.' the success of the queen's reign is attributed in no small part to the duke of edinburgh. he has enabled her to concentrate on her duty to the
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nation. >> from the u.s. elections to the economic crisis playing out in europe, the word in the quality is certainly getting a workout these days. -- the word "inequality" is getting a workout these days. in brazil, there was poverty during the president's time in office. those in the upper echelons have achieved greater wealth as well. >> the life of the super rich in one of the most unequal societies on earth. this is a reality show in brazil. this is one of five millionaires ladies who lead their lives on national television. she was born rich and added a few millions to the fortune working as an interior
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designer. they were afraid of what would happen as brazil leaned left. well, they got richer. >> when lula was elected, brazilian high class was concerned about the money. the rich getting rich and the poor people getting a little money. >> there is a fast expanding market of goods and services. this is like avoiding traffic jams and street crime. for these problems, the best solution is going up. sao paulo has a fleet of 400 helicopters. they say, new clients are coming in and the old ones are flying more. >> some customers are flying a lot and buy their own
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helicopter. >> a single hour of flying costs more than three times the monthly minimum wage. the slums neighboring high luxury flats are a reminder of the social split in this country. there has been increase in living standards over the past decade. >> brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world. this is minor. we have a long way to go. if you are a poor family, it is very difficult. >> this subject is not usually the place to find a rich brazilians. one is here only as a special guest. the economy might be good for the rich and the poor.
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but the up and low were and are worlds apart. -- lower end are worlds apart. >> it started as an audacious attempt to sail across the ocean but the power of nature proved too much. just 525 miles, 18 of british it -- a team of british rowers stopped the mission. >> they talked about this for training in the arctic. >> what would be the big prize would be the first across the atlantic in less than 30 days. >> they headed west from morocco to barbados. when the boat capsized, they still had 525 miles to go.
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they were experienced athletes pursuing a dream. their last posting describe a struggle to grow at night against swells from every direction. they drifted for 14 hours after losing the vessel. >> tell me what struck you when you saw the cargo ship? >> it was an immense feeling of relief to know that we had gone through a traumatic event. it is something to be in the water for 14 hours in a lifeboat and to be rescued. >> another member of the crew says that she can -- a mother of a member of the crew says that she can relax. >> i was quite relieved. i had not slept since he left, actually. >> they are being taken to gibraltar. they tried to make history,
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there were lucky to survive. -- they were lucky to survive. >> hillary clinton is speaking right now at the u.n. chief has said that bashar al- assad's reign of terror will come to an end. -- she has said that bashar al- assad's reign of terror will come to an end. making her case there for a resolution condemning syria and calling for a transfer of power. the resolution is being backed by the arab league and calling for a national unity government to be established. russia has already voiced its opposition. that brings today's show to a close. thank you for watching.
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